Singers! What could you do with an extra full octave of amazing, powerful vocal range?
How about incredible high notes without strain? It is possible!

I don't care how long you've been singing... 1 day or 15 years.

I don't care if you're an ace at reading sheet music, or you don't know the first note on the music staff. And I especially don't care if you're friends & family think you're wonderful...None of that stuff matters!

I feel your pain. Maybe you've tried one of the other at-home singing courses and found them either too boring, too long or old fashioned sounding. You've scoured bookstores, the internet or searched YouTube for hours trying to find something that will answer the one question that has haunted you for years -"Why am I not the singer I want to be?" You've done everything that you can... but there's still something holding you back.

This course will ignite your singing skills beyond what you can imagine... Trust me, no other vocal course available - for singers of any genre - is designed to give to maximum results without all the nonsense of trying to put you in some kind of "vocal style box" or loading you down with lots of "lip rolls" or "tech speak". I get straight to the "good stuff".

Did you know?...

most at-home vocal courses are designed by teachers with little or no performing experience?
with the power and intensity in the low, middle AND upper ranges you want so badly. Singing music like that takes training with specific techniques to give you that kind of attention grabbing voice that every singer craves. But don't think my course will only teach you how to belt, scream or sing into the stratosphere - even though it will - "Breaking the Chains" will allow you to sing ANY style of music.

This isn't a "one size fits all" method that makes everyone sound the same. This vocal course contains proven, time tested methods that work with any style of singing. I'm not teaching a style, I'm teaching a technique.

Why listen to me? Good question.

I could tell you all sorts of wonderful and true stories I suppose, about how I have performed for crowds of thousands of people, toured the Far East and Europe with my hard rock band, worked as a vocal arranger for major label artists, trained American Idol finalists and have taught 14 year olds who put far more experienced singers to shame but... Would you really care?

I hope not. Because none of that matters. This is NOT about me. It's about YOU.
What matters is that YOU benefit from a simple, direct, ZERO 'guesswork' singing course.

What's different in the Female Version?

All the exercises are there from the male version of the program, but they in a vocal range more approproate for female voices. I designed "Breaking the Chains" to be universal in its ability to help male or female voices of all different genres.

Female singers will see the same benefits as their male counterparts; increased vocal range, more flexibility, less strain and more power.

Vocal Course Module 1

Module 1 - Voice Strengthening

Your lower and middle ranges are the foundation of your entire vocal range. Many courses neglect these very important areas for some unknown reason in favor of just teaching you "how to sing high notes". We'll go through specific, targeted exercises to create a strong and powerful voice that sets a solid foundation for all the parts of your singing range. Don't make the big mistake so many other singers do in thinking your chest voice isn't important - it is. 95% of all modern music singing is done in the lower & middle ranges, so proper development of both these areas is important to a well rounded and strong singing voice.

So many vocal courses focus far too much on getting the tension out of your voice that they don't contain any exercises to help strengthen your voice after you get rid of all that tension. I designed "Breaking the Chains" to relieve stress AND strengthen your voice. You won't be left with a "tension free" voice that is weak and lacks power.

  1. Powerful exercises to warm up your lower range so it's ready to build your middle and upper ranges.
  2. We'll dive into some radical voice building exercises to help develop solid and powerful notes.
  3. Learn why "one voice singing" is essential to contemporary music, and why most vocal coaches never teach it.
  4. Learn my "super easy" exercises that effortlessly connect your voice through targeted vocal fold compression.
    If you're voice is "stuck" - these exercises alone will unlock your range like you've never imagined.
  5. How to develop very strong and steady breath support - essential to singing "money notes".
40 Targeted Exercises with Variations
Exercises Are Scaled for Both Lower and Higher Voices
Each exercise is explained and demonstrated in full.
Practice Guides to take the guesswork out of training


Vocal Course Module 2

Module 2 - Range Extension

This the "whole ball of wax" for modern vocalists. I get so many people asking me about how to sing properly with solid high notes that I have devoted an entire module just to this one specific area. Nothing defines a skilled singer more than a super strong, clear head voice. Singers like Robert Plant, Bruce Dickinson, Axl Rose, Steve Perry, Myles Kennedy, Steven Tyler, Pat Benatar, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Adele are defined by their very powerful high notes. Module 2 contains some of the very same techniques they used to create those incredible voices. I've created 40 specific exercises and techniques to help you develop killer high notes that will impress even the most jaded of audiences. The kind of notes that make people stand up and cheer for more!

I've created exercises that not only expand range, but increase flexibility and stamina through proper placement of the notes without choking or strain. How awesome will it be to sing those notes the way you've always wanted?

Here is just some of things covered in this exciting module

  1. Simple, yet effective ways to develop a powerful upper range tone without sounding like a classical singer.
  2. Specific, targeted exercises to stretch the head voice range into super high notes without strain!
  3. I expose the biggest mistake singers make in regards to their upper range and how to avoid it!
  4. Super simple, but effective ways to keep your larynx from lifting up under your chin and choking off your sound.
  5. How to add some "edge" to your head voice for easy, high notes!
30+ Targeted Vocal Exercises with Variations
Each exercise is explained and demonstrated in full
Techniques for both high and low voices
Practice guide to take the guesswork out of training

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Video Testimonial

Video Testimonial

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